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About Us

Visual Insight Press is a branch of Visual Insight, a company that works with global leaders to capture emergent knowledge with live visuals. Our people are journalists and artists who recognize world-changing ideas and people when we meet them. We're attuned to pithy wisdom and a good story. Our job is to convey brilliant concepts quickly, with just the right words and images.

We didn't have a choice about starting a book publishing company. After ten years working with thinkers on the front lines of business, nonprofits, government and think tanks, we had to find a way to preserve the gems of wisdom -- beyond the murals we create live in the room while people are talking. Visual Insight Press is committed to digging up those gems so they sparkle and catch your imagination on every page.

Our unique visual books are designed to be read frontwards, backwards or from the middle out. We know most people do not have time to wade through long books, but need the essence of new ideas quickly without losing complexity.

We work with authors who have the kind of passion and insight that can transform the lives of people, workplaces, communities and the world.